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DEFINITION OF FRAUD = Intentional deception to cause a person to give up property

Intentional shipping of worthless scrap to make weight - $741 knowledgeable charge by AmEx

Intentional misrepresentation of card safety resulting in false charges.

1) No safety with American Express credit card with intentional undisclosed NO REFUND policy.
2) American Express withholds info, proof, evidence supporting customer and refund which connects Amex to bad charges.
3) American Express may not contact merchant contrary to on-line and generic mail, 2 weeks, sorry.
4) American Express fabricates or changes info to merchant if they bother to contact merchant.
5) American Express supports merchant fabrication of proof even if proven false.
6) American Express is fully aware of and supports merchant unauthorized activity.
7) American Express does little to nothing on a dispute and may refuse to process.
8) Expect a truckload of generic excuses, no action and missing account funds.

American Express high credit card risk to customers in a dispute especially in this climate of credit card fraud , American Express credit card is a blank check to the merchant and no merchandise or possible fraud. Any merchant authorized (or not) by the customer to charge an American Express credit card can charge any amount more, less, your card limit, or equal to the agreed amount regardless of the condition of the order or for any reason, received or not, damaged or not, the same or not or any other condition. You will be at risk if the merchant has your card info and you did not authorize a charge. The customer may be required to pay the full charged amount to American Express and American Express claims they do not have the authority to adjust the charge.  Even on a return for credit, American Express cannot issue credit. Authorization to charge an American Express credit card is a blank check to the merchant to do as he pleases with charge and merchandise. Example, you may order something for $100 with American Express credit card and instead are charged by American Express $1000 or $10,000 (thank you) and receive nothing or equivalent weight in coal. If store XYZ has your AmEx credit card info and they have a breach and someone else buys $1000 with your card, it is not AmEx fraud. American Express claims to have no authority to issue credit or chargeback, verified by American Express several times (BBB, AGs, BCFP). It is American Express charging the customer, not the merchant.  We made multiple complaints to Amex during the dispute for 12 months,(XO53849, XQ80509, XG85252, X711960, XM67736, WY75675, NH67517, MR45418, XA64168, X289580, NJ68955, NU24861, XK68403, O404705, XU84554, XW77323, O692200, XZ04538, YO69935) no support, no dispute customer service, ignore facts, many generic form letters, no help, just pay Am Ex. American Express may not even contact the merchant, contrary to advertisement, like in our case, because American Express cannot give credit, etc. or may side with the merchant regardless of proof otherwise or may not require any proof from merchant. They open a case, let it sit for a few weeks , then close it, you pay. Merchant refused to supply proof of merchandise ordered actually shipped.

What happened to us --   DETAILS   We had no idea of the high risk using this card, 102 million cards. You may be safer using cash.  American Express is fully aware of this web site and all details since Nov. 2013. American Express is clearly misrepresenting by phone, written, especially website and TV ads, sidestepping or not disclosing the considerable risk to customers, disputes, and possible monetary loss. American Express decides what is fraudulent (charge for merchandise not received/not ordered not fraud per Amex) , rip-off and as stated cannot credit the charge by the merchant. American Express supports the merchant policy even if fraud, intentional deception, stolen card, unauthorized charge, non-shipment and more, and they may ignore your complaint like they did to us. American Express with carefully selected and misleading wording does not take a loss, you do. We have hard copy proof. Imagine what happens when a victim has no proof as in stolen card, unauthorized charge, merchandise not received, or overcharge.  The merchant is allowed to fabricate a charge.

May 2014  We now have hard copy letter and supporting documents from merchant to American Express which supports our claim of rip-off and taking payment without supplying/manufacturing/shipping merchandise. Merchant and charge supported by American Express for over 11 months and support merchant policy of taking payment for merchandise not shipped, unauthorized charge, any charge any reason. American Express supports merchant, does not credit back! American Express is aware of non delivery and is charging anyway. We also have proof that American Express pays no attention to the customer response or does not contact merchant, just closes the case with charge, "sorry, contact merchant".

July 2014  We have complied evidence that American Express may not contact merchant contrary to form letter, we have contacted merchant on your behalf, instead sit on case for two weeks then, sorry it didn't turn out the way you wanted, contact merchant.

We have also evidence that American Express does not read customer complaint or merchant response, if they bother to request a response. We have considerable evidence that letters to merchant contained false info from American Express (AmEx didn't read complaint) and response from merchant contained mostly fabrication long ago proved false, supported by American Express.

We also have hard copy and phone evidence that American Express withholds evidence, information and proof which may support the customer claim or damage the merchant claim. American Express is fully aware of this withholding.  American Express does not want evidence that supports a credit.

American Express continues to refuse to provide merchant claimed proof that merchandise charged was received and used. We have overwhelming evidence that scrap was substituted for $930 value order, intentional deception by merchant shipped to look like ordered material and with full knowledge charged by American Express.

In addition we have multiple proof in hard copy that American Express is intentionally grossly misrepresenting the safety of their credit card on previous and latest (Aug 2014) current safety claims with undisclosed NO REFUND policy and procedures regardless of fraud, stolen card, unauthorized charge, etc, proven by our experience. With American Express you pay regardless. We have American Express written support of these merchants and their actions.

August 2014  American Express continues to supply proof that they do not contact merchant, do little to nothing on a dispute and withhold proof supporting the customer. Now 20 cases and nothing done.  Still receiving generic letters,"We cannot guarantee that a credit will be issued….due to the time that has elapsed….",  because American Express does nothing more than move responses and wait, if that, for 20 cases and a year.

Don't expect any dispute customer service from American Express.

DEFINITION OF FRAUD = Intentional deception to cause a person to give up property

Intentional shipping of worthless scrap to make weight - $741 knowledgeable charge by AmEx

Received in writing American Express policy via third parties long after the dispute: “… American Express is a billing agent and at no time do we guarantee credit for billing disputes. We are not in a position to change, create, or modify the policies of any merchant that honors the American Express Card”.  By phone - No credit period unless proven American Express version of fraud. Amex policy received from third parties after Amex backed into corner to explain actions. Amex did not supply actual policy directly to us.

In short -  An American Express card holder is responsible to pay any amount charged by American Express/merchant regardless of the circumstances.

Pass this on, spread the word, file complaints. We are shocked and disappointed by this revelation by American Express, poor service and the considerable risk we were exposed to, especially in the current environment of stolen credit cards and  fraud. You have no protection with American Express. If any of the above is not true, contact me at the record on file with appropriate proof.

Complaints filed with but not limited to: BBBs, Attorney generals, public, Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection, FTC, FDIC

There are multiple lawsuits completed or pending against American Express for the same business practices.